terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

The Making of a Euromess

É o título desta crónica de Krugman que toma o caso de Espanha como referência mas que será igualmente aplicável a outros países e em particular a Portugal. E o minimo que se pode dizer é que o prognóstico não é muito animador. Utilizando as próprias palavras de Krugman:

"What we'll probably see over the next few years is a painful process of muddling through: bailouts accompanied by demands for savage austerity, all against a background of very high unemployment, perpetuated by the grinding inflation (...) It's an ugly picture. But it's important to understand the nature of Euroe's fatal flaw. Yes, some governmemts were irresponsible; but the fundamental problem was hubris, the arrogant belief that Europe could make a single currency work despite strong reasons to believe that it wasn't ready".

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